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Why dogs pull on leash and how to fix it

Why Your Dog Pulls on Leash & How to Fix it

7 common reasons why a dog pulls on leash and how to fix them!

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My mom was a dog trainer so I grew up surrounded by dogs. Helping run group classes or training dogs for 6 hours on Saturdays was just part of my normal life.
Like many teenagers, I originally decided I didn't want to follow in my parents footsteps. I went to university and worked in pediatric healthcare for multiple years, yet rarely felt content.
I noticed my favourite part of my day continued to be my time with my dog! I also started noticing the advice "trainers" were giving to dog owners that bordered on outright abuse. These "alpha theory" methods are not only unnecessary, they're actually wrong!
I decided to become a trainer and launch Happy Hounds Dog Training to show that you can train incredibly obedient, happy dogs with positive methods!

I've been captivated with dogs for as long as
I can remember!

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Lily was just over a year old when we started working with Steph. Her recall was not great, and we didn't really trust her off leash.
It has been great working with Steph because she really got to the root of what made it so hard to train Lily's recall. Steph was able to explain to us why Lily behaves the way she does because of her breed, and provided us with daily play and training we should be doing to work on her impulse control.
With that in mind, it helped us train Lily's recall and loose leash walking (that was a bonus!).
Thanks for all your help Steph!!

- Tiffany & Myles

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