Did someone say walk?

Private edmonton dog walking

Fair question. It is a bit different. but the answer is "Yes!"

I started Happy Hounds because I love dogs.

Walking services allows me to just have fun with new dogs, whereas training is a more structured session.

A bonus for you: a tired dog is more likely to be well behaved! 

Wait, you offer both dog training and dog walking??





Walking improves dogs physical and mental health. Pets require regular and consistent exercise to live long, healthy and happy lives.

Walks improve dogs behavior! In the words of Brandon Mcmillan "When your dog is adequately trained, 90% of behaviour issues come from inadequate exercise"

Piece of mind for the owner! You won't have to stress if you're at work a little late because you know your dog has had some exercise and a bathroom break already!

Saves you time (something we never seem to have enough of!). It can be difficult to fit in consistent, lengthy walks during your busy week. Let me help!

Benefits of hiring a dog walker

You can call, email, or use the form below to let me know you're interested in walking services. We will set up a time for me to come meet you & your dog prior to service! I want to make sure that I understand your dog's needs and that we're a good fit. 

2. Booking

1. Contact me

I'll send you a link so you can get set up with online bookings. You'll be able to build a full profile so I know everything necessary about your dog and what you'd like! Payment is due prior to service for your ease and mine.

How it works:

3. Time to walk!

Sessions are in 30-60 minute time slots. If you book for 30, I'm with your dog that full 30 minutes (drive time is not included). 
Tired & happy dog! 

30 minutes                   $22

Duration                        Price

Additional charges:

60 minutes                   $33

+$12 per extra dog (if they can reasonably walk together)

+$15 per session on all holidays

Frequently asked questions:


*Sessions can be walks, backyard plays, potty breaks, or just cuddle time. Whatever you need!



Unfortunately no. To minimize travel time I only offer dog walks within 5km of the neighbourhood Forest Heights.
If you really want to hire me to walk your dog but live farther  away I would need to charge additional for travel time.

I do not walk dogs from multiple households at the same time!
I'm happy to walk two dogs from the same household if they can reasonably be walked together.

Yes, I offer two different services: training and walking!
Walking services are just intended to tire your dog out and make them happy! 
During loose leash training I teach you & your dog how to walk beautifully together (no pulling!).
If you've previously had loose leash training with me I offer 10% off all walking services since I know they'll be a delight on leash :)

All services you book (walking or training)
are with me!

Since I will be entering your house solo, I do not accept aggressive dogs for walking services.

Rain or shine (and snow) I'll be there!
I may alter times or cancel if there are extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, lightning, hail, and extreme cold/heat. Otherwise, all hot & cold decisions are up to you!
All bookings/cancellations are done online so try to keep an eye out for weather your dog may dislike and cancel accordingly!

My regular timeslots for dog walking services are Mon-Thurs between 10-2pm. 
When booking you can choose either a morning/afternoon slot. 
If there is a time you need outside of my regular hours, let me know and I'll see if I can accommodate it!

No! For example, if you book for 30 minutes that's how long I will be with your dog.

I'd feel the same way, so I understand!
I promise to watch your dog like it was my own :) I will use your dogs regular collar/harness, they will not be let off leash, and all walks are only with the dogs in your household.
If there's more safety concerns you have about your dog, let me know!

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