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Welcome to my tools & favorite things.

One of the questions I'm often asked is "What do you use?".
I created a resource page to answer that!

I also found when I  first launched Happy Hounds Dog Training I was quite overwhelmed by starting a business and website. Over time I found the software & tools I needed. I've also included my biz tools on this page in case it helps other small business owners :)

Quick Disclosure: Happy Hounds uses affiliate links. Purchasing with these links will not cost you any extra, but I get commissions for purchases made through these links. I only suggest things that I genuinely use! Affiliate links help me to continue to offer the free resources, blog posts, and social media advice that I share. I would love if you used them!


Personal Faves

When clients ask what I personally use with my dog or for training, this is where I direct them!

Privacy Film

Does your dog bark out the window?? This will help! I used this film on my windows while training my own dog to stop barking.

standard leash

For almost all walks, I suggest using a 6 ft leash. Give your dog enough length to sniff!


Do you have a stressful event (fireworks, vet, road trip) coming up? This spray works wonders for some dogs. I suggest spraying it on your dogs collar. 

thunder shirt

 Think of it like swaddling an infant! Thunder shirts work really well at decreasing anxiety during events like storms, fireworks, etc.

slow feeder bowl

Eating too quickly can make dogs sick & bloated. Slow it down! This bowl also works great for lengthening meal times if working on resource guarding.

Dog water bottle

This is the water bottle I use for my dog and I LOVE it. The top is a built-in bowl for her to drink from, and the button re-collects any water she didn't drink!


I work with many separation anxiety dogs, and one of the most crucial tools required is a camera so we can observe their behaviour. Furbo is a client fav.

leash sleeve

Wish you had a way to politely tell people not to pet your dog while it's in training?? Now you do! I love these leash sleeves that speak for you.

Nail clippers

Whenever possible. I suggest clients do the majority of the dogs grooming themselves. You can slowly expose your dog to tools & get them comfortable. 

Lick Mat

These work brilliantly for changing how your dog feels about baths!  "How to get your dog to like baths" article on my blog!

Unscented shampoo

If your dog dislikes baths, the scent of their shampoo may be one of the reasons! Always choose unscented for your dog!


Snuffle mats are a fantastic source of enrichment for dogs! I often give Neirah her breakfast in her mat.

Snuggle Puppy

Struggling with crate training? Snuggle Puppies work brilliantly for some dogs! The real-feel heartbeat can help them feel less alone. Crate article on blog!

k9 sport sack

Wish you could bring your dog places they can't quite walk to? Now you can! I personally bring this backpack when I hike with my dog! Use coupon code HappyHounds for 10% off! 


If you're training your dog with force-free methods, you'll need either a clicker or a marker word! Clickers that have a wrist strap are most convenient.

Hands free leash

My favorite for jogging! Carrying case is large enough for my phone, keys, and poop bags!


This brush is AMAZING. My dog has a thick undercoat, and this reaches everything. 

Long leash

Practicing recall? You'll need a long, light leash! I love this 33 ft one. It's so light you barely notice it.

flirt pole

Like a cat toy.... but for dogs! Flirt poles are excellent for exercising high prey drive  breeds.


My dog LOVES frisbee. I've tried a few brands, but the West Paw one in orange is by far her favourite!

treat bag

I LOVE this treat bag. It has two seperate sections, so you can divide high/low value treats. Fits my phone, keys, and poop bags!

raised bed

"Place" is a command every dog should know. Whether it's barking, jumping on guests, or being a pest at meals: place helps!

compostable Poop bags

We need to care about the environment! Did you know that the plastic poop bags you use won't break down during your lifetime? That's insane! Use compostable bags to help the planet.


Muzzles can help the owner feel calm during training and prevent injuries. I recommend the Baskerville! It allows your dog to pant, eat, and drink!