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Dog Behaviour 101

how to train an advanced leave it that works on walks

How to Train Your Dog to Leave It & STOP Scavenging on Walks

Step-by-step guide to training an advanced leave it cue that works on dog walks

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Why punishment doesn't help dog threshold

A dog’s reaction while over a threshold is not them “being bad”. It’s an involuntary emotional response!

force free dog prey drive training

Stop animal chasing without corrections

All dogs have some level of prey drive, but some dogs certainly have an elevated drive.

This blog series will explain everything you need to know about dog prey drive!

5 often forgotten reminders for a happy, well-trained dog.

What is management in dog training

Struggling with changing your dogs behaviour? Make sure that you’re properly using management & training!

what is a dog's threshold

Dog shows often put dogs over threshold, then “train” them. Learn what a dog’s threshold is & why it’s actually a terrible time to train!

Tips for better communication with your dog

Are you telling your dog what you think you are? These 5 tips for better communication with your dog will make dog training MUCH easier!

Understanding dog trigger stacking can help you recognize and prevent potential scenarios where your dog reacts poorly “out of the blue”.

use a marker word

A marker word tells your dog “What you JUST did is what I want you to keep doing!”. It’ll make training your dog easier & faster!

How do dogs learn

Whether we intend for it or not, dogs are ALWAYS learning. When you understand how dogs learn it can help encourage the behaviors you want.

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Whether your dog is brand new to leash training OR they have a long history of pulling on leash, this free guide will teach you what you need to know!

Puppy biting HURTS! In this free guide I'll explain everything you need to know to STOP puppy biting without any corrections!

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Lily was just over a year old when we started working with Steph. Her recall was not great, and we didn't really trust her off leash.
It has been great working with Steph because she really got to the root of what made it so hard to train Lily's recall. Steph was able to explain to us why Lily behaves the way she does because of her breed, and provided us with daily play and training we should be doing to work on her impulse control.
With that in mind, it helped us train Lily's recall and loose leash walking (that was a bonus!).
Thanks for all your help Steph!!

- Tiffany & Myles

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