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how to train an advanced leave it that works on walks

How to Train Your Dog to Leave It & STOP Scavenging on Walks

Step-by-step guide to training an advanced leave it cue that works on dog walks

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Dog enrichment

Enrichment is an important part of raising a mentally, physically, and emotionally satisfied dog!

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How do you exercise your dog when it’s cold outside? Here are 7 of my favourite ways to tire out a dog indoors!

Train your dog to exercise themselves indoors

Can you train a dog to exercise independently? Yes! Use this gadget for indoor dog exercise your dog can do solo!

How to choose the best dog treat

Dogs LOVE getting treats! However, not all treats are created equally. Keep these considerations in mind when choosing dog treats!

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Whether your dog is brand new to leash training OR they have a long history of pulling on leash, this free guide will teach you what you need to know!

Puppy biting HURTS! In this free guide I'll explain everything you need to know to STOP puppy biting without any corrections!

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Lily was just over a year old when we started working with Steph. Her recall was not great, and we didn't really trust her off leash.
It has been great working with Steph because she really got to the root of what made it so hard to train Lily's recall. Steph was able to explain to us why Lily behaves the way she does because of her breed, and provided us with daily play and training we should be doing to work on her impulse control.
With that in mind, it helped us train Lily's recall and loose leash walking (that was a bonus!).
Thanks for all your help Steph!!

- Tiffany & Myles

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